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20 Best-Performing Countries for COVID 19 (Share of People Fully Vaccinated Against COVID-19)

The Real Zombies of Haitian Voodoo

Haiti has always been one of those places that you keep hearing that some of the most weird and most bizarre of things keep happening. In recent times Haiti has been affected by a mass amount of cases of people turning into zombies.

Who Were The Saxons And The Normans?

It’s sometimes thought that the Norman ruling class, the mail-clad cavalry warrior, was a breed apart. First in Normandy and then later in England, after Hastings, it’s seen as a ‘them and us’ situation. This isn’t strictly true. In England especially, the defeated Saxons were in the main considered ‘commoners,’ and largely socially ignored.

Help Children Feel The Love This Christmas

If we will not set aside our apathy, more and more children will keep on experiencing the consequences of child abuse, neglect, and homelessness that may lead them to become incompetent and unproductive citizens in the future. Good thing there are some ways wherein we can help them alleviate the emotional despair they are in right now and give them a chance to enjoy their childhood through car donation.

Distances In The Age Of Communication

This is pure personal feelings. Modern communication devices have done a very good job but they are also doing things, which they never intended. The gap among the family members is indeed a worrying sign and should be bridged as quickly as possible.

History of Iganna Town, Oyo State, Nigeria, West Africa

The Sabiganna of Iganna origin is traceable to Adebiyi, one of the grandsons of Oduduwa known as Onisabe. After the demise of Adebiyi – the Onisabe of Sabe, it was the wish of the people that his son called Gandi Sabi Safa to ascend the throne of Onisabe but the kingmakers had the contrary view because he was not the heir of the Onisabe and they insisted that the first son of the Oba should succeed his father on the throne. Consequently, Sabi Gandi…

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