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2020 Global Financial Crisis / Investment Option Comparison (March 30 update)

No Guarantees: Lower Taxes in Retirement?

People often assume they will pay less in taxes when they stop working. However, this article discusses reason why that assumption could be faulty.

Your Retirement Plan May Be Your Downfall

This article discusses a long-held assumption of retirement planning and whether it is still holds validity. Research suggests that continuing to plan based upon the assumption could be disastrous.

Ten Major Considerations for Retirement Planning

This article highlights several key factors people should consider when planning for retirement. Readers should finish the articles with a solid foundation for beginning the retirement discussion.

How Recent Events Hinder Your Investment Return

Investors should be conscious of the recency bias when developing their portfolio. The recency bias is the habit to assume recent trends in market activity will continue well into the future.

Fundamental Strategies for Saving Money

I recently watched a movie titled Living on One, a documentary about four college students’ efforts to spend a summer in Guatemala living on a dollar a day. (The movie is available on Netflix and is worth an hour to view.) As 50% of the citizens of Guatemala live on less than a dollar a day, the film explored the personal finance habits of people who have a hard time earning enough money to live on, much less save.

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