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2020 Stock Market Crash / Global Stock Index Comparison

Is It Time To Reduce the Bond Exposure in Your Portfolio

For the last half-decade, investors have been continually concerned about rising interest rates and the effect they may have on the bond portion of their portfolio. This is a valid concern — after all, why would anyone buy your bond that yields 3% when they could buy a bond yielding 4% on the open market? With interest rates considerably lower than historical averages and expected to rise, would now be a good time to sell some of the bonds in your portfolio?

FINRA Warns and Informs About Variable Annuities

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) recently published an investor alert to help educate investors about variable annuities and suggest questions to ask when considering the purchase of these products. The following information is a summary of FINRA’s advice.

Autopsy of a Promissory Note Corpse

Examining a Promissory Note Disaster. Here are the problems uncovered by the appraiser. Lesson learned.

How to Double Your Money Safely – Slow and Steady Wins

Earning money, paying the bills and saving for the future is a full-time job for most of us. After we accumulate savings, we are challenged on how to invest it to maximize its earnings while avoiding losses caused by high-risk investments. A key principle of successful investing is protecting what you have and having it work hard for you. A hard working investment account can double in value several times during a full working career, if properly invested.

Dollar Cost Averaging Versus Lump Sum Investing

When it comes to developing a successful retirement savings plan having the discipline to stay with a plan is critical. Many people find Dollar Cost Averaging an easy way to stick with investing in both up and down markets.

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