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The Zen Warrior

It may seem a misnomer to describe a warrior as being ‘Zen.’ The fact is though is that the Eastern martial arts as we know them today were developed as a means of self-defense first by Buddhist monks in China who were being attacked by mountain bandits along country roads. Later, the practices spread and became more secularized. By the time the samurai were being trained in ‘bushido,’ which is straight from Zen, monks were no longer fending off mountain bandits. On the outside they were pacifists. But politics, being what they are, eventually procured monks as trainers of warriors, known to us as Samurai and Ninja.

The Ghost That is Modern Humanity

How modern humanity has become divorced from its spiritual self by advertising, the ego pressures of modern living, a culture of consumption and acquisitiveness that, far from providing satisfaction leave us and the planet further depleted. We are moving, a great pace, away from the possibility of a meaningful sustainable existence and society.

Fighting Against Racism and Islamophobia Is a Collective Effort

In order to fight against racism and Islamophobia, a world wide, collective effort must be brought forth. This is done through a couple of possible solutions.

Most Expensive Weddings of All Time

There are weddings of all kind in the planet. There are tribal weddings, Peasant weddings, Hindu weddings, Christian weddings, Sikh weddings, Jewish wedding, and Muslim weddings- the list is endless. But there is one common classification- expensive weddings and not so expensive weddings.

Intriguing Wedding Customs

Weddings are something seen in every culture of every time. Though common phenomena, weddings of different culture and time had some interesting or somewhat strange rituals too. Let us look at the amazing customs of weddings that will make us wonder.

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