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Age Structure of the World’s Population 1950 to 2100 (Unsorted bar chart)

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age structure diagram
population age distribution
constrictive age structure diagram
Population pyramid

KiwiSaver: Building a Secure Future

Introduced in 2007, KiwiSaver is a long-term savings scheme that targets all New Zealanders, in order to provide the next generation of retirees with the guarantee of a secure retirement fund. It’s a three-tiered contributions system: You can pick the rate of savings (2%, 4% or 8% of your gross pay), and your employer will contribute a maximum 2% of your gross pay. To encourage your participation, the New Zealand government awards you $1,000 the moment you sign up to KiwiSaver…

Pension Annuity Is The Best Way To Secure Your Future

Pension Annuity is a contract that you buy with your retirement fund. This is the best way to plan for your retirement. It gives you a chance to enjoy your old age life after retirement from a job.

Annuities – Planned Future For Everyone

Annuities are types of repayment patterns imposed on your pension every time you make a withdrawal. The withdrawals reflect directly to the value of the investment you made to the annuity scheme. Annuity is a word derived from the English word annual.

Best Annuity Rates For A Better Financed Future

Best annuity rates provide you with a multiple guarantees and the best annuities. After a specific period, you will need all your stream payments. Best annuity rates help you get the best pension in the market.

Annuity – Secure Your Future By Investing Today

Annuity refers to an investment plan where you save part of your money for future use. There are numerous types of annuity packages. You have a great variety of annuity schemes you can choose.

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