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Airlines Among the Biggest Losers

Global airline share prices declined sharply in February and March 2020

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Airline stocks in freefall

Social Security – Will It Run Out Before You Retire?

If you are worried about Social Security running out, you have a lot of company. I am concerned myself. I think it is imperative that all retirees and potential retirees develop some type of income that supplements Social Security. You can always depend on your self, I wouldn’t have the same confidence in the government.

Investing Pearls for the Young Professional

So you spent some of your best years mastering your trade. Now you have finally reached a point in your life where you will have disposable income. Most of us have no experience with the investment world. It can be quite daunting to formulate a plan that will one day allow us to retire comfortably. In an era when it is not wise to depend on Social Security for your retirement, how does one start a sensible plan to build a nest egg?

7 Key Promissory Note Questions and Answers

What sort of attorney should I use? Should I use a private party promissory note expert?

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Opting for a Home Equity Release

A home equity release can often be the saving grace to many retired folks. However, because it is such a big decision, you have to think from every single perspective before you choose to go ahead with it. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself:

Should You Consider an Equity Release?

A lot of people find that their pension fund, savings & investments are not quite enough to meet the demands of retirement, and especially old age. Thus, more and more people are willing to consider equity release as a means to draw out income from their major asset-their home.

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