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Amazing Custom Cybertruck Designs and Customization

These are designs of what we expected to get from Tesla which was completely off and what people are planning to do once they do get their very own Cybertruck, from custom paint jobs to complete body modifications.

The Prometric CPA Exam – What It Is and Who Takes It?

Gone are the days of the pen and paper exam that I took. The Prometric CPA exam is the only way to take the exam today. In a way it is good.

What Is the Margin of Safety in Promissory Note Investing?

Many note investments do not have a happy ending. Let’s examine some reasons for investment failure. What are the fundamental principles of investing?

The Bucket Approach to Asset Diversification

Proper asset allocation ensures the portfolio represents the investor’s risk tolerance. If too much of the nest egg is held in stocks and the market tanks, the investor is more likely to panic and sell. In doing this, the investor buys high and sells low. The bucket approach to asset diversification increases the probability that funds will be available to meet any planned expenses ranging from retirement, to business expenditures, to college tuition.

Dollars And Sense

Although investors can generally expect long-term market appreciation, the last ten years have shown us that this is not necessarily the case. As a result, individuals approaching retirement are growing more frustrated with their investments and their brokers, to whom they are paying commissions. Investors are no longer accepting, nor should they, the standard answer of “give it time,” or “the market will turn, you just have to be patient.

Using Superannuation to Buy Property

More and more Australians are seeing the benefits in not only establishing their own Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF), but also in using their SMSF to invest in property. The obvious benefit to this option is that you can use your super to a higher advantage to set yourself up for retirement. Where with traditional super funds you remain unengaged and let a third party manage your investments, having an SMSF enables you to actively engage with your super funds, invest your own money, and control the future of your retirement funds.

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