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Funerary Rites of The Aged in Africa: An Occasion For Melancholy or Merry Making?

The passing away of deceased friends and family members is usually seen as a heavy blow to bereaved families. Sometimes, the death of a certain individual is viewed as creating a huge vacuum for the family, society or even an entire nation. Such is the case of distinguished personalities whose unparalleled contributions to society or nation building and iconic examples of society living worth imitating are forever etched on the hearts of countless people. However, it is said in Africa that ‘everyone is a royal in his/her family or community’. Thus, the death of every person in the African community is equally important. When news breaks that someone has passed on, the mood expressed by members of the society varies greatly based on the age of the deceased and the circumstances that resulted in his/her death. This is largely informed by the culture and belief systems of Africans.

The Resilience of The Culture and Paramountcy of The Powers of The Asante Kingdom

The Asante kingdom is one of the vibrant ethnic societies in Ghana and on the African continent. The powers that its traditional council exerts are supreme and highly respected. The current events in Ghana illustrate the supremacy of the powers of the Asante king (Asantehene). Due to the sad passing of the queen mother of the Asante kingdom (Asantehemaa), the traditional council of the Asante kingdom has imposed a curfew, observation of silence and a ban on the organization of funeral rites, endorsed by the ruling government at the jurisdiction of the kingdom.

That First Tribe

Out of the caves and into history in a time that pre-dates antiquity one tribe of humans created the techniques that enabled civilization to survive and flourish in an ever changing world. The innovations that they employed are the very foundation that started man’s advancement through the ages. At the end of the last ice age humanity existed in tribal communities, a nomadic and dangerous way of life.

Social Engineering, Cultural Change And Military Rule Considered

Our think tank often gets into deep and complex dialogues, often these discussions go all the way around the world and back and span all sectors of the human endeavor. The other day, as 2016 closes to an end, I am reminded of a discourse we had back in 2013. It started out slow as one of our members stated something to the affect that the best way to change a culture is to do it over a long period of time, as the population will hardly even notice.

Looks Will Only Get You So Far My Princess, But Maybe That’s a Good Thing

Many complain about bias in hiring, sir names, looks, ethnicity, age, weight, religion and sexual preference. And as much as talk of ‘political correctness’ just rubs me the wrong way – we all know there is indeed some truth to all that. Not long ago, I was discussing this with a good-looking white gal who was smart, articulate and certainly had a resume of success. She was aware of her status and good fortune.

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