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Rural or Urban Africans: Who Is Better Off

The modern Africa cities are growing more rapidly than the overall birthrate due to millions of rural Africans moving to urban centers each year. Are these new urban residents going to be better off? No one is guaranteed that life will improve with the move to the city. What is guaranteed is life will change.

Africa’s Drinks of Greeting

It is very common in Africa to show hospitality by giving a visitor a drink before any serious greetings or discussions take place. The formality of indulging in drink is very ingrained in Africa. The drinks used vary from one part of Africa to the other.

The Good Morning Man

‘Good morning!’ came a voice from ground level. Sitting before me was yet another of the many homeless wretches eking out a miserable existence on the city’s unforgiving streets.

Love Is Still The Answer

Mourning, revenge, anger… they’re always natural human reactions to catastrophes like these. But they should never find action. They’re never the answer. The Answer, as it has always been and always will be, is love….

Mythology Isn’t What It Used To Be

Once upon a time, not all that long ago, a new academic pastime came to be – the study of the mythological beliefs of our ancient ancestors. Mythology was simple. Mythology was fiction, full stop. It was just a collection of folklore and legends, fairytales and tall tales. It was entertainment for our ancestral masses, featuring gods and goddesses, demigods and heroes, villains and monsters, hardships, quests, impossible tasks of all sorts and sometimes true love too. However, there wasn’t always a “they lived happy ever after” ending. Then some bright spark comes along and suggests there might be some reality behind the myths. Mythology lost its innocence and so mythology today ain’t what it used to be just a few centuries back.

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