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Battle of the Email Providers (2000 – 2020)

These are the most popular webmail providers from 2000 to now. Some of these webmail providers were around in the 90s but under different names, such as Rocketmail, which was purchased and rebranded by Yahoo in 1997.
Others may be unknown in your market, such as QQ and Netease which are popular in China. When Google unveiled Gmail it forced many of the large webmail providers to innovate, such as Yahoo and Hotmail. Microsoft provided Hotmail and Outlook as separate services but eventually Hotmail users were moved over to Outlook service.

The latest numbers come from Wikipedia.

Misery for Tens of Thousands in Retirement Debt

With UK annuity rates at an all time low, research by MGM Advantage provides further cause for sleepless nights across the retirement generation. If it’s a constant battle to make ends meet, you may not be alone in worrying whether you will have the comfortable retirement of your dreams.

QROPS – Important Things to Bear in Mind

Transferring you pension funds to a QROPS system can result into a fruitless effort if you fail to judge whether it is the right scheme for you or not. This means that there are numerous things and issue that must be pondered upon to identify the value of a QROPS system to you.

What to Consider While Seeking for a QROPS?

When you are calculating your retirement income you may have to take various factors into consideration such as the charges levied by different QROPS providers. Since the decision regarding QROPS is a critical one, it is important that you consult an independent professional QROPS adviser.

But I’m Not Destitute! Why a Reverse Mortgage Isn’t Just a Financial Last Resort

If used correctly a reverse mortgage can be a good tool in your retirement toolbelt. A reverse mortgage can help you add money to your current retirement accounts so they grow faster, it can also help you buy a second home.

Things to Know Before Getting A QROPS

QROPS (Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme) is basically an overseas pension scheme for transferring your UK pension funds. It is authorized by the HMRC which has chalked out certain rules and regulations for the QROPS system.

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