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A Dream of the Nature of Competition and Consumerism

I had a dream last night which covered the structure and organization of a utopian society, and the odd changes which led to its downfall. This article is the description of such events.

Jean-Yves Empereur: A Career in Ruins

A short biography on the career of the French Egyptologist Jean-Yves Empereur. Jean-Yves Empereur is known for his years of archaeological research in Alexandria and may have inspired a character in the popular Tomb Raider game, The Last Revelation.

Immigration Detention Centers in Australia Are Woefully Inadequate

Asylum seekers are subject to far less than ideal living arrangements. This leads to mental health issues including self harm and in the extreme case riots. Humane housing is required and should be a basic human right.

Inner Aspects of a Sociopath

There are plenty of references and examples of psychopaths, but not so much in-depth information about the sociopath. They seem to get treated like the backdrop of psychopathy and antisocial personality disorder. But sociopathy is an entirely different category of “psycho.” The goal is to see through that delusional filter we tend to use when studying and researching a sociopath.

Human Nature and Ethical Percentages of People In Our Population Postulated

Not long ago, I noted to an acquaintance of mine that I felt one-third of the people you meet on the street immediately tried to size you up to see what they might get out of you, while one-third would befriend you and could be trusted unless there was an incentive to cheat you and once that threshold of their integrity had been crossed, they’d take advantage at your expense. The final third was benevolent and would probably assist you with something especially if you had asked them too.

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