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Best of Japan – Guinness World Records

When Knowledge Is Unavailable, Would Belief Do?

The need to know and to understand mankind’s place in the universe is widespread. However, the complexity of the issues, the timelines involved, and the difficulties of observation and measurement, result mainly in beliefs, many of which are un-testable.

Patience – The Ever Increasingly Rare Virtue

It’s often been said that patience is a virtue, of course, in this day and age of Twitter, Facebook, and nano-second multi-tasking it is certainly a lost virtue. Some might say that patience is underrated. In many regards patience makes no sense, why wait when you can go after what you want right now?

In Defence Of The “Oldest Profession”

“Proposed Israeli law would jail prostitute clients” (Jerusalem post headline) In a few days time a Knesset committee will consider a law which, among other things, proposes criminalising the clients of prostitutes. This is manifestly absurd and unreasonable, and is a desperate attempt to regulate a situation which requires a totally different approach. Prostitution, until now, has been treated by successive governments as an activity which requires control within a criminal framework.

Superheroes: Then And Now

Those modern superheroes that dominate our comics, novels, TV shows and films we know are really figments of the human imagination – Fictional characters. What about the reality or otherwise of those superheroes from the ancient past? Are they also totally mythological, or are there perhaps some real superheroes standing astride the reality molehill that lurks behind the mythological mountain?

False Belief and Mass Psychosis Considered

The other day, I was at Starbucks and I was talking to couple of gals about what kind of work I was doing as I was reading some research papers. I indicated to the two ladies that I ran a think tank, and I was busy trying to solve the world’s problems, while presenting a great big smile. One of the ladies said to me that something that would be very important for us to work on at the think tank was the “end of the world” due to the Mayan calendar.

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