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Best of May 2021 – Guinness World Records

After Manchester: Let’s Fight With Words

The terror attack in Manchester is abhorred by all good people and once again states and institutions are intensifying the search for solutions to terror. One key solution that is not given adequate attention is the use of words, the good word for the right purpose. With the right platforms for conversations and positive exchanges, the world can make a lot of gains in limiting and conquering terror with words.

Information Centers in Ghana: A Blessing or A Curse?

Information dissemination is one of the essential elements that ensure good societal living. This is due to the fact that it always enlightens members of a society or nation on all happenings so as not to be in darkness. Thus, various avenues for information distribution have sprung up in the 21st century especially. It is so pervasive that the often neglected and marginalized members of the nation, local people, have their package. In most local communities and developing areas and developing areas in urban centers referred to as new sites in Ghana, there has been the establishment of numerous information centers. Many of these information centers are owned by individuals and Non-Governmental organizations. However, the content of their operations makes many people wonder whether these viable information distribution avenues are indeed a blessing or a curse.

The Way Things Used To Be

One cannot help wonder by looking at the events that are occurring around the world today that maybe we would all wish things were back the way they used to be. Long before the Internet and smart phones we managed quite nicely with rotary telephones and remoteless TV’s. We actually had to get up to change the TV channel.

Regarding the Antidote for Nuclear War

The philosopher, Plato, argued that aesthetic art appreciation was unethical, requiring an ethical spiritual wisdom through art in order to prevent the destructive property of unformed matter emerging from within the physical atom to destroy civilization. Later, in modern times, the philosopher, Immanuel Kant, agreeing with Plato, wrote that an asymmetrical electromagnetic field was evolving within the creative, artistic mind as the spiritual wisdom that Plato was searching for. In 2016 the antidote to the prevailing 3D epidemic of dysfunctional information transmitted from the manufacture of communication and information devices was discovered as being associated with Kant’s anticipated field. In 2017 American Universities created a time crystal, which demonstrated that prevailing science was erroneously governed by the second law of thermodynamics and that this new information about reality would be fused into artificial intelligence. Also in that year the Russian World Fund for Arts began to set up a science-art research program. If that program also fuses the antidote knowledge with artificial intelligence, the resulting 3D epidemic will enter into its terminal state of nuclear destruction, as Plato predicted.

Facebook, a Social Soundboard on Breastfeeding?

A mother feeds her child and our nation disquiets. We weigh in on how Singapore takes on social issues on social media on this delicate matter.

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