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Best-Selling Modern Consoles: From XBox to Now 2001 – 2019

I wanted to see how Microsoft entry into the video game console business affected sales. So in this video I only included sales numbers from the time the XBox launched, November 2019.

Although PCs were gaming machines MS released a dedicated console in 2001.
The GameCube was also released in 2001. Focused on cost and ease of development.
The late entry by MS allowed Sony to keep setting sales records with its PlayStation 2.
Playstation 2 Slim launched in 2004. It was smaller, quieter and included ethernet.
MS quickly released a new console November 2005 to stay ahead of Sony’s tech. Xbox 360.
Launched in 2006 The Wii was a low power machine that sold unexpectedly well. +100M
PS3 was released in 2006 to compete with Xbox 360, with motion sensing, Bluray & HD.
In 2009 Sony released PS3 Slim which was 3 lbs lighter than the PS2 Slim.

In 2010 Microsoft released the Xbox 360 S, a slimmer version with many more ports.

Launched in 2012 The Wii U was Nintendo’s worst selling console after the Virtual Boy.
Xbox One was released in 2013, able to record and stream gameplay & was cable-compatible.
PlayStation 4 was also released in 2013. With game streaming and screen-to-smartphone.
Nintendo is the only one that currently makes a profit from each console sold.
In 2016 Sony released PS4 Pro which added 4K, UHD, USB 3.1 and upgraded GPU & CPU.
In 2016 Microsoft released the Xbox One S, a slimmer version with 4K and HDR.

A year later the Xbox One X launched. A more powerful version for 4K gameplay.
Launched in 2017, the Switch has been Nintendo’s fastest selling home console.
In 2020 Sony and Microsoft will launch new consoles which will start a new battle.

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