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Best Selling Nintendo Consoles 1988 – 2020

This visualization shows the performance of each Nintendo console starting from the Nintendo Entertainment System and Family Computer up to July 2020. Although the video starts in 1988 I included all the NES and Famicom units sold since 1985. I split Game Boy and Game Boy Color numbers because the cartridges were not compatible. As you can see, the Nintendo DS was a massive hit, selling tons of units within a few years. The Switch also seems to be performing similar to the DS, mainly because it’s a portable and a home console.

The songs are Epic Motivation by Roman Cano and Above The Ocean by Infraction, available from

Adaptation to an Evolving Market

Historically, stock analysts have been able to gauge the financial climate by referencing similar time periods in the past. That is not the case today. Products such as indexed annuities and indexed universal life will allow investors to take a cautious step forward without worrying about falling off of a cliff.

Retirement Planning – Start Saving a Percentage of Your Paycheck

Planning for an early retirement is something a lot of people dream about. But most don’t succeed in retiring early just because they didn’t plan well. If you plan to retire anytime soon, its time you start planning for it well. Retirement is a very important life decision and you ought to make it after enough thought.

Promissory Note Appraisal and Valuation for Financial Planners, Probate, Estates, and Trusts

The determination of the value of a financial instrument that is not actively and publicly traded is open for debate; the judgments, conclusions and opinions of qualified appraisers may differ. The courts will weigh the appraiser’s qualifications, experience and independence, in addition to the appraisal model used.

Benefits of Transferring Your Pension Funds to A QROPS

Although the UK pension schemes such as SIPPS (self invested personal pensions) are giving the investors the freedom to control their investments, the QROPS system is still more empowering. However, after reading this article you will get acquainted with some of the common benefits that can be derived from switching to a QROPS system.

Create Your Own Retirement Plan

Are you one of the few people who are lucky enough to still have a job and a stable retirement plan? If so Congratulations, this is not so for the majority of the baby boomer population. Tens of million of people wonder daily if they will be employed tomorrow or if they will even have a retirement plan to look forward to.

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