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Best Selling Phone Brands (1992 – 2020)

In this video we can see which companies sold the most phones in the 90s and 2000s. From classic feature phones to modern smartphones. Motorola being first to market led through most of the 90s but Nokia’s focus and nimbleness allowed it to overtake it towards the end of the decade. Nokia became the top cellphone vendor for 14 straight years. In recent years, Xiaomi and Huawei from China have been gaining traction in the western market, taking some market share away from Apple and Samsung.

Do You Really Have a Plan for Retirement?

In spite all of the available information and emphasis on the topic of retirement most people are not preparing adequately – if they are preparing at all. Why not? It’s simple – they don’t have a plan. To take the first step in removing yourself from the ranks of the unprepared, you need only to ask yourself two questions…

Do You Know the Value of Your Promissory Note?

Do you know how many values your promissory note has? Your note can have at least fifteen different dollar values. Our purpose is to either make more money or save more money.

The Power of Compound Interest In Retirement Planning

This article explores the power of compound interest as applied to retirement plans. The advisability of advance retirement planning is discussed.

Are You on a Financial Road to Nowhere?

Is the current economic turmoil making your feel exposed? Is there a “safe haven”? All investing markets have been volatile, erratic, and dangerous. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, oil, natural-gas, and commodities have all suffered.

What Are Covered Calls and How Are They Used?

The ‘covered calls’ investment strategy is widely considered to be a type of conservative strategy because at best it will provide you with a healthy stream of income over time whereas at its worst it won’t wipe you off the map within a day. But what exactly are covered calls and how do they work?

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