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Best – Selling PlayStation Consoles (1994-2021)

Israel Today

Israel today is very different from the Israel of David’s time. There are cities and farms, cooperative communities and collective settlements, and the family structure in each is different. The peoples of Europe and Africa stream into this new democracy, bringing with them a wide variety of customs and family relationships.

Ancient Beasts Resurrected: Findings of New Prehistoric Site in Indonesia

It was on hot summer day of June 2005 when a few villagers stumbled upon the remains of ancient fossil fauna in Semedo, Central Java, Indonesia.  It was a thigh bone fragments and sets of giant teeth fossils of stegodon that caught the attention of local villagers. Soon they reported the finding to the government and it was responded with several survey, researches and excavations.

In Memory of John Lennon’s 70th Birthday

My entire life changed when I was twelve years old and the Beatles came to America in 1964 which opened up the whole world for me. Their music turned me on so much that it was just like I had gone into another dimension. I understood the music and found it waking me up as though my previous twelve years I had been asleep.

The Old Learning Process – Evolution Of Society Before The Establish Order

At the dawn of a new era people are starting to question all those rules and regulations embedded in our subconscious since birth in order to make us good spendable assets. The rise of the information era and the globalization are giving away a new sense of freedom that we have never seen before. We are questioning every bit of information that has been given to us because if you really want to be free you should do no less. Instead of looking for the guilty and whose faulty is it we are joining forces and working together as a unit to solve the problem and together learn from every individual’s mistakes.

Process of Socialization

Socialization is a process of learning norms, rules, regulations, values and attitudes of society. It is a lifelong process which starts from childhood till to the death of a person. Socialization is a vital process of learning through which the society exists. Each and every society socializes its members according to its own values.

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