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Best Selling PlayStation Consoles 1995 – 2020

This visualization shows the sales performance of each PlayStation console starting from the original PlayStation up to August 2020. I sped up the first few years up as not to bore you. Although PSP performed really well and PS Vita was an excellent update it competed directly with smartphones which were becoming faster and more capable every year. The target market for the PS Vita could only afford either a smartphone or handheld console, so the smartphone won every time. PlayStation 2 was a massive hit and set their turf before the launch of Xbox.

The songs are Epic Motivation by Roman Cano and Above The Ocean by Infraction, available from

How Do You Get A Good Pension?

It always seems a pain when you are young and just starting work to consider a pension scheme for a time which seems a long way off. It is also a time when the personal budget is squeezed by the demands of a house purchase and the payments demanded from student loans. The harsh fact is that years ago most companies ran private pension schemes as a condition of employment and these were often…

How Fixed Policy Owners Were Able to Survive the Fall of AIG

Today, the money within the insurance sector of AIG is still protected. Not one policy owner lost a penny of money in any fixed AIG account, even when AIG needed billions of dollars of financial assistance from the federal government.

A Basic Guide on QROPS

QROPS is the short form for Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme and provides people with the opportunity to transfer their UK pensions to destinations outside the UK. Thus, a wide range of UK’s pension schemes can be transferred into QROPS.

How Deregulation Gave Way to a Global Financial Collapse

Today, Wall Street still adamantly opposes regulation; and many of the same people who helped contribute to our financial collapse on a global level are still in power. In fact, many of these individuals were able to walk away from their bankrupted companies with millions of dollars, all while many portfolios and retirement plans were completely destroyed.

How Investors Are Preparing For Rising Taxes on the Horizon

Indexed universal life can be a perfect remedy against the threat of rising taxes. What every financial professional will eventually ask themselves is, what have I done to protect my client’s money from rising income taxes? How am I going to protect my clients from anticipated inflation with less net spendable dollars?

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