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Best Selling Video Game Consoles Of All Times [1995-2021]

The New Lady’s Man: Society’s Emerging Subculture

In our ever increasingly evolving social environment, a new lady’s man emerges. Can he measure up as he finds himself challenged to keep pace with some mighty tall high heels?

Usage of Theories, Concepts and Propositions in Sociology

Sociology is a subjects which deals with human relations and how we are really influenced by issues of our society. Observing the details is not as easy since proper hypothesis can only be done by researching the behavioural patterns over a period.

The Drives and Activities of Human Success

There are some common drivers of behaviour between humans and other species. How have humans become such a successful species?

Incentives and Man-Woman Relationships

I’ve been called everything from feminist to misogynist, and mostly these statements say more about people saying them than they do about me. I am neither for nor against either women or men. The world will always have both, and we will always see good and bad choices made by both.

A Brief History of the Amish Quilt Garden

Many Amish quilt-lovers are unfamiliar with the stunningly-beautiful Amish quilt gardens created throughout Northern Indiana. “Quilt gardens” are named for their composition of brightly-colored flowers arranged in eye-catching patterns, mirroring the designs of bright yarns or threads woven in traditional quilts. Today, Northern Indiana’s quilt gardens have become hotspots for visitors throughout the Midwest, including those inspired by the natural beauty of the gardens and those seeking a glimpse of the traditional Amish way of life.

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