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Best Selling Video Games 1979 – 2020

This data visualization video shows the best selling video games since 1979. It includes all their ports for newer systems such as for Super Mario Bros for the Wii, Wii U, etc. It does not include Free-to-Play video games, I will include those in a different video.

For top selling I selected those with 1 million in sales units for the first few years, then those with 5 million in sales for the next few years, then 10 million, etc. This was to avoid crowding the chart and to avoid adding games that don’t even peek out for a single year.

These stats come from Wikipedia, articles and from Google Books searches. Some of the data includes approximate numbers as the data available skipped years.

In the video I included quick clips of how the games looked.

What Is An Individual Retirement Arrangement?

IRA is short for Individual Retirement Arrangement. It is a special kind of retirement arrangement that was introduced in 1974, allowing individuals to set up special accounts with certain tax benefits for themselves and their beneficiaries. The arrangement always includes both an individual retirement account and an individual retirement annuity.

A Single Dollar – Has the Power to Grow Into a Million Dollars

Every dollar bill is a money seed. Like any seed if it is planted and allowed to grow it becomes a money tree. This tree once grown up will give you fruits year after year. It will also give seeds to plant further trees.

Planning And Funding Your Retirement

Simply put when it comes to thinking about funding your retirement then the earlier you go about doing it the better. Whilst the majority of people with a mortgage will have paid it off before they retire, the facts are that everything is going to keep going up in price, so whilst you may have no mortgage and that’s a good thing to have out of the way, you are still going to need to plan for electric, gas and food – None of which are likely to get any cheaper. The life expectancy for men is now 86,…

Investing in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is the new tourist destination where many international real estate investors have directed all their attention to. Heavy tourism investment as well as foreign property investment offers an ideal environment to reap good returns on investing in Cape Verde. The government of Cape Verde is supporting the need of international investors to invest in the region as this will promote overall economic growth by creating jobs and capital investment.

An Overview of the UK Structured Product Market

How does the UK Structured Product market work? Who are the main players? What is the size of the market? Find out for free here.

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