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Best Selling Video Games Of All Times

Lost in the Time of Facebook

People are spending time on Facebook, quite addicted to the interactive social media platform. We explore the very cause of that addiction.

Hooray For Cheerios

A recent Cheerios commercial featuring a mixed-race couple and their adorable child, resulted in a racist on-line response. There were so many derogatory comments that the site had to be shut down.

What Is Core Shamanism?

An explanation of what core shamanism is. Provides seven major principles of core shamanism. Basis for modern shamanism.

Two Ways to Deal With ADD: Consider the Lessons of Blueland and Redland

In both Blueland and Redland, medical authorities rely upon systems of classification for identifying childhood emotional problems. However, Blueland uses a system that identifies and attributes problems to psychosocial causes, whereas in Redland, medical authorities classify childhood emotional problems in a different way. In Redland, pharmacological interventions are the favored modality for alleviating symptoms. What a difference a perspective makes.

Emperor Constantine’s Great Roman Conspiracy

People believe what they are told or read when the stories are good enough. Because of this flaw in our nature the religion of Babylon has dominated the world and people are deaf and blind to reality.

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