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Inspiring Diversity in the University Setting Through LGBT Extracurriculars

Higher education seems to be the leading example in diversity recruiting, with students of all different nationalities, ideals, political beliefs, and backgrounds. One population of society that seems to go unnoticed when we consider diversity, however, is that of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community (LGBT). Thankfully, this group seems to be well-represented at many colleges and universities across the nation, and seen through the rise of LGBT extracurricular groups appearing at these establishments.

Understanding Empathy in the Culturally Diverse Workplace

Diversity in the work place opens up a multiplicity of opportunity when it comes to embracing different culture and broadening horizons in the face of client relations. It can pose a challenge, however, to mesh these differences in a way that allows for effective communication and cooperation in a team of coworkers if not handled properly. The key to successfully maintaining proper communication is through the use of empathy practices among staff and leadership.

Life As a Social Experiment – Diversity in Practice

Understanding diversity doesn’t just come from thinking about it. All of our experiences converge to give us our attitudes and thoughts toward culture and difference. If you are looking to better understand diversity and expand your cultural consciousness, it will require additional experiences-no matter how open minded you may be.

The Building Of The Panama Canal

The Spanish envisioned the Panama Canal as early as 1534. Since sailing around the southern tip of South America was a long and arduous as well as very dangerous journey due to violent seas and high wind, they needed a way to ease the voyage of their ships traveling between Spain and Peru. A waterway across the isthmus would also give them tactical military advantage over their rival and enemy Portugal.

Rituals for Ancestors

People hold various activities in certain occasions to respect ancestors. The activities differ in various places.

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