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A Brief History of Civilisation

Early societies were not much more than extended families but around 5,500 years ago civilisations appeared. They had a big influence on the thinking even of today but it was the events and omissions of the European Renaissance that have put us into the trouble we now face with climate change. Will we face up to fixing the error or allow global civilisation to fall in the way many or its predecessors have?

When Will The World End? A Look At The Mayans

When will the world end? This is the first in a series of articles which tackles that question. In part one, you’ll get a brief overview of the Mayans, famous for the 2012 date.

Baby Boomers Homeless – A Growing Trend

We’ve all had moments where we have to redefine our lives – marriage, childbirth, death of a loved one, getting fired, and on and on. But for some Baby Boomers, redefinition could mean the difference between older years of relative security, comfort or homelessness. No, I do not believe I am exaggerating.

Celebrate Culture

We are all different and those differences make us unique. We need to learn to celebrate these differences and not fear them.

UK’s Ethnic Minority Population to Increase to 20% by 2051

According to a recent study by the University of Leeds, as reported on the BBC, the proportion of black, Asian and other ethnic minorities will rise from 8% of the population, based on figures from the 2001 census, to 20% by 2051. One of the authors, Professor Philip Rees, said “Groups outside the white British majority are increasing in size and share, not just in the areas of initial migration, but throughout the country.” The results include population projects for England’s 352 local authorities and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland for every year over the next 40 years.

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