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Blackpink – Lisa ‘Money’ Road To 100 Million Live View Count

Victor Emmanuel III – Italy’s Most Controversial Monarch

Born on November 11, 1869, Victor Emmanuel III or Vittorio Emanuele III in Italian was the King of Italy from July 29, 1900 – May 9, 1946. He was the Emperor of Ethiopia from 1936 – 1946 and the King of Albania from 1939 – 1946 as well. Victor Emmanuel III’s reign as the Emperor of Ethiopia was not accepted by many for the reason that Italy had overthrown Ethiopia’s former Emperor Haile Selassie.

The Chicken, the Egg and Other Imponderables

One of life’s greatest mysteries has been solved. According to recent news reports, we now know what came first, the chicken or the egg.

How Do You Feel About Community, Government, Family, and Faith? – It Matters

Indeed, it goes without saying that everyone believes in different things. And they generally have a number of things that they believe in. For instance, perhaps a form of government, a religion, and political party, everyone believes in something, even those who claim to believe in nothing.

Are the American People Required to Trust the Government? – Actually, No

Many people feel it is their civic and moral responsibility to trust the government. Interestingly enough, that is due to education and social engineering, because the reality is that those framers of our founding documents, actually didn’t trust any government and worked very hard to create one that was owned by the people and thus, throw that participation the people could keep a close and watchful eye on the government leadership.

How the Algonquins Lived

The Algonquin tribes lived in houses called wigwams, made of poles covered with elm-tree bark. In winter the poles were covered with mats woven out of cattail stalks, because these were warmer than bark.

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