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What You Say and Do Anonymously Is the True Measure of Who You Are

Have you ever read the on-line comments which are posted anonymously at the end of news stories? I sometimes wonder if the person writing their comments would have the courage to attach his or her name to them. Are these comments true reflections of the individual or an alter ego? I also wonder why it is that I’m sometimes mesmerized by what is written.

Media, From the Tool to the Rationality Behind

Indeed multimedia is definitely referring to the channels in use to convey information & communication. To date, due to the complexification our society is imposing on us to re-assess, redefine and rename the very tools we thought (a moment) we mastered, over time, usage, interpretations and misinterpretations deriving from the outcome of their use led us to double check if REALLY the naming and wording associated with their definition as a a tool can still hold…

So What Is A Shaman Anyway?

People who are shaman exist throughout the world. There are several definitions of shaman. Above all else, a shaman is a healer.

The Origin Western Tradition (Modern Life) Traced Through the Bloody Life of Ancient Assyria

If you read the annals of the kings of Assyria in northern Mesopotamia you find them awash with pride and blood. “Cities are taken, plundered and burnt. Captives are burnt alive. Other captives – their hands and feet cut off”. Between the rapes, murder and the humiliation there were plundering, of silver, gold, cattle, crops and slaves.

2012 According to the Mayan Calender

Supposedly, the Mayan calendar predicts that the end of the world or something as significant as that will occur on December 21, 2012. This is based on the fact that the Mayan calendar ends exactly on that date.

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