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The Rise Of Anarchy

The consequences of the actions of many today in the mass hysteria following the tragic death of George Floyd has turned our society inside out. As other nations look in total dismay at the reactions of many Americans lately it is quite apparent to this writer that the United States is in real trouble. The steady rise of anarchy displayed today coincides with the abomination that has and is happening in the education of our youth.

Total Outrage Over Racism Is Justified

These are unprecendented times with the coronavirus pandemic and now the protests over the brutal killing of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis. Outrage over racism is being exhibited in many forms. It is definitely time for change.

The Mounting Crisis Within

One can not help think that the horrific actions of 4 police officers set off a chain of events when they brutally murdered George Floyd. They knew full well that their actions decimated the rule of law, violated civil rights, and out right committed murder with malicious intent. As a result coinciding with other police atrocities of the past that also targeted African Americans have unleashed what just could be the spark that ignites the flames of open rebellion.

Who’s Writing Your Narrative?

Our lives have been commandeered by the media. Our stories are lost in a sea of chaos. Who is writing your narrative? How is it impacting your physical, emotional, and spiritual heatlh? There’s a tendency to allow your narrative to be hijacked leaving many to feel helpless.

AAPI Heritage Month

AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) Heritage Month is held each year in the United States during the month of May. It is to honor and remember the accomplishments of those in the Asian American and Pacific Islander communties. This year it was different with the Covid-19 causing the cancellation of most events except for virtual events.

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