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BTS have how many records?! – Guinness World Records

Google Search a Great Way To Gauge Social Trends

Not only does it provide us with the most comprehensive series or answers to any query in a matter of milliseconds, but Google can also tell you a lot about the kind of society we live in. From a brief but representative bit of research, you can discover much about your fellow man and woman, especially now that Google offer to complete your search query.

The Date Fruit Was Important To Western Civilization

Dates, the fruit, are not very popular in the United States. Dates have been around for a very long time and we could even say they are responsible for Western Culture.

The Main Principles and Characteristics of Sampling Methods

A sample is as a small group or subject drawn from a larger population and it should be as representative as possible of this larger population. To this end a number of random sampling methods are used; otherwise the sample will be biased. The main sampling methods designed to create a representative sample are described in this article.

Using Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative research methods are characterized by collecting a lot of in-depth or “rich” information about a small number of cases. Such research also involves a subjective approach based on looking at the key issues from the point of view of the people involved in the subject to be studied. To this end, the researcher asks people to describe their experiences or feelings in their own words and to provide their own explanations for how they have behaved, rather than the researcher providing an explanation or framework to guide the research. The methods used in this approach include in-depth interviews, focus groups, participant observation, analyzing texts, biographical research, and ethnography. This article describes the various methods used.

Dear Humans – Everyone Is Evil Okay, Now Can We Please Work on Getting Along?

What is that big joke at all the beauty contests, when the judge asks the contestant; “what you want the most for the world,” and everyone says; “World Peace!” – the standard answer, but is it being too politically correct? I mean can we really expect that humans will ever get along, is it even possible?

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