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Were Panic Attacks The Same In Prehistoric Times As They Are Now?

In the middle of October, Drok and his little band start off for their winter quarters very close to what is now Brighton. They’d been travelling for about six days, when Drok saw a trail branching off the one they were on at the moment, and decided to explore it for a little way. He walked down the dusty path, his glance darting to left and right.

China’s Fuerdai – The New Agents of Value Deterioration

Balinghou signifies the generation of single-child Chinese in the 1980s, who grew up in ‘reform China’ and thus are considered more spoiled than prior generations. Among the new generation, a hot topic in Chinese popular discourse is the sons and daughters of parents who became rich in the reform era. The term ‘fuerdai’, the 2nd generation of rich, refers to Chinese youngsters who grew up with a silver spoon in their mouth.

Now, What Boomers Want

The economic principle many learned about even prior to taking college Econ 101 was the law of supply and demand. As we learned, an economic system which is functioning freely, distributes goods and services from a source of plenty to a source of need. In doing so, the prices paid by those in need falls until the supply diminishes. Consequently, those who are still in need may continue to demand more as long as they are willing to pay higher prices to obtain their need. But Boomers did not write this economic reality, we only refined it.

Meeting Poverty Face to Face

I have learned over the years that a feeling of prosperity has nothing to do with how much money is in your pocket. It is a state of mind in which you accept whatever good you have in your life and celebrate it. Very poor people can feel prosperous and very rich people can feel needy.

Common Wealth

Self interest. community welfare and our universal common wealth, competition and cooperation are in a titanic struggle for the hearts and minds of the people of earth. This article argues for the improvement of human nature and the advancement of human civilization by replacing the self interest and competition with cooperation, service and unity in diversity.

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