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China vs USA vs India: Provinces & States Economies Comparison (2020)

The video compares the GDP of Chinese provinces, American States, and Indian states in 2020. Only the states with a GDP of 10 billion US dollars or higher are included in this video.


National Bureau of Statistics of China & U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis & Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation of India

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Retirement Planning Booby Traps

Perhaps you haven’t started investing regularly, or the amount you allocate is not enough to reach your retirement goals. Here are a few errors people make that can ruin otherwise good investment goals.

Woman Are Disadvantaged In Retirement Unless They Act Now!

Shockingly almost a third of women over 40 in the United Kingdom rely on someone else for their retirement income. Women often find that their private pension provision suffers because they take time out of work to raise a family thereby missing out on pension contributions from their employer. But they needn’t miss out on their own personal contributions, indeed they are entitled to tax relief on some contributions even if they aren’t working or paying tax. They, or their partner, can put up to 2,880 into a pension, such as a Self Invested Personal Pension or stakeholder pension each year, and the government will pay in up to 720 in tax relief.

Comparing Super Funds

If you have seen the Industry fund television advertisements you would be familiar with their catch phrase, which states that ‘low fees can make a life time of difference’ and they are not wrong, but they are only half right. In fact most people start by comparing fees and returns when appraising the performance of their super fund. So what features should you compare and what do you get for what you pay?

How to Choose a Trustee Or Personal Representative

The person who oversees your estate after your death and during the probate process is known as your personal representative. That person can also be known as your executor. It is essential to choose personal representatives carefully because they will be the primary target of anyone who harbors animosity, disdain, or disappointment regarding the way your estate is probated.

Financial Planning for Retirement When You Start Late

The hardest part of sticking to any financial planning for retirement is keeping your eye on the ball when retirement happens to be so far away and there are pressing needs right here, right now every day. Today’s unexpected expenses always seem a lot more urgent than falling short 40 years down the line.

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