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A Tough Act to Follow

When the jubilant buoyancy of spring begins to insinuate its cheerful aspect upon the doldrums of a pale and dissolute realm, our thoughts tend toward a joyful nativity. It is the season for renewal and regeneration; a time of blossoming colors and fragrant aromas; a time when we may swell with the opulent sentiment of Gerard…

The Persistence of Stereotypes

Like all of culture, stereotypes have to be learned. But once they are, they are extremely difficult to purge from one’s mind. This article explores the reasons that cultural stereotypes persist and suggests ways to combat them.

Gender and Change

For someone who wants to change the way that things are, the best path is a two-pronged approach. One part of it consists of deconstructing wrong attitudes and beliefs; the other part consists of leading by example to better outcomes. In the first case, the change is affectuated by showing people how wrong the entrenched beliefs are.

An Out of Body Experience

While they are not the main topic of conversation right now but whenever someone claims to have left their body and returned to it there is always a measure of interest. So why is reincarnation so hard for people to accept? If someone has an out-of-body experience and returns to their body it is not that far removed from logic to expect that one can leave a body and enter a new one.

What Does Haiti Mean?

WE OFTEN SEE TERRIBLE PICTURES OF HAITI, so impoverished with pictures of desperate children and jobless men walking aimlessly around the capital city of Port-au-Prince. The impression is a silhouette to its rich natural resources, it’s breathtaking scenery and most importantly, their lovely people. When we think of the word ‘Haiti’, some conjure in their minds, little black people stretching their hands for food and risking their lives over hundred of miles of shark infested reefs, to a land of opportunity. Not so; we will bring light to this great yet intriguing land and go back into its history to see from whence it came.

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