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Coronavirus – 1 Case to 100 Million Cases.

Real Estate Broker’s Guide For Retirement Planning (Part 3 of 3)

In the last part I will show you real world examples of a real estate investment property purchased and the funding of a couple real estate loans. Don’t overlook this opportunity, enough information has been shared where there’s no excuses.

Promissory Note Investing – Retirement Planning – Retirement Risk

Financial Education. Retirement Planning Risks. Retirement Investing Risks. Investing Risks Comprises Of. A Promissory Note Plan for Retirement Income.

Promissory Note – Limited Liability Company Valuing a Minority Interest – Key Concepts

Wise investing usually requires diversification. Diversification usually requires owning less than 100% of a financial asset. Owning less than 100% usually requires owning a “minority interest”.

Retirement Plans – Common Potential Issues

Retirement from paid employment, active money making or pursuit of other of life’s endeavors is an inevitable road all of us must travel one day. It is not whether we would but when. It is like the proverbial statement – regardless of how fast we run, we cannot outrun the buttocks. Like many rather important things in life, retirement is one of the hard things for people to even contemplate not talk of deliberating planning for and anticipating it. Everyone wishes they could wish retirement away.

Why Protecting Wealth Must Be an Investor’s No 1 Priority In This “New Age of Investment Bubbles”

What worked prior to 1995 for investors, no longer works in our “New Age of Investment Bubbles” we as investors find ourselves in these days. If you as an investor manage your own employer-sponsored 401(k), Roth/401(k), 403(b), or other retirement account, or leverage a Buy-and-Hold strategy to build long-term wealth, or choose to hire a financial advisor/professional to manage your money… your investments are not protected from the massive loss of wealth that will occur when the next and all future bubbles bursts.

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