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Coronavirus Cases in the U.S.

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Johns Hopkins University

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Daily New Cases
Number of Coronavirus deaths
Coronavirus deaths
COVID-19 Deaths Worldwide, by country

Will You Have Enough Money in Retirement?

Monte Carlo simulation is a robust algorithm used by financial advisors to estimate an investor’s probability of meeting his/her financial goals. You should never have to wonder, “will I run out of money?”

Immigrant’s Guide to The American Dream

As proud immigrants to this country during the early and middle part of the last century, Martin and Arpy Avadian worked hard and saved what they earned. They raised their three American-born children with sound money management principles – the same ones that helped their children secure a piece of The American Dream.

Investing By Age

Simple advice can create problems that are not always simple to fix.  One example is the advice that an investor’s age plays a central part of their investment strategy and asset allocation (for example standardised high risk strategies for young investors and conservative strategies because you are already, or close to being, retired).  This advice is too generic and the individual’s circumstances and appetite for risk must be taken into account.

The Power of Tax Deferral

Annuities have two functions: the first is the accumulation stage where the account holder deposits money, sometimes called purchase payments, in an on-going basis and sometimes in one lump sum. The next stage of an annuity is the payout stage, where you simply began to withdraw your money out of the annuity.

Federal Workers Compensation Protection

If you have a loved one who is approaching retirement age or is affected from federal workers compensation, it can be hard to help them through this transition. If they qualify for disability retirement, it can be even more complicated. We never want to see our parents or grandparents suffering.

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