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Coronavirus (COVID 19) Cases per One Million Population

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World Health Organization (WHO)

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Covid 19
Covid 19 Cases Worldwide
Confirmed Covid 19 Cases
Covid 19 Worldwide
Coronavirus cases per one million inhabitants
Confirmed Covid 19 by country

History Of Industry Superannuation Funds

The first superannuation funds began shortly before Australia became a nation when New South Wales began a pension of £26 a year culled from the state’s general revenue; Victoria and Queensland soon did likewise. For a long time superannuation was available only to a small number of people, but over the past century they have evolved to become accessible to all Australians. Now everyone can benefit from them in life and in retirement more than ever before. Industry super funds played a pivotal role in bringing about this fundamental shift.

Investing for Major Financial Goals

Most people invest their money to achieve a comfortable and secure retirement, to help their children pay through college, or to make a large purchase such as a home. No matter the goals you have in your mind, you will need to have a specific plan to help you reach those goals, so when the times comes you’ll know you’ve accumulated enough funds.

Retirement Planning Techniques – Things You Need to Consider

No matter your age and your standard of living, you will have to retire one day. This situation is inevitable and can also cause panic in many individuals as to what it will be like during such years. Because of medical advancements, many people live longer after their working life hence the more reason why you must plan for your retirement. The best way to go about retirement planning has been outlined below.

What Benefits Can You Enjoy By Opting For Life Settlements?

Life Settlements, which are also referred to as life insurance settlements, are actually monies that are received when a person sells their existing life insurance plan. People like to sell their insurance policies because the process of selling these policies is very easy and quick and it also helps to put considerable amount of money into the sellers pockets.

What Is Financial Planning?

I thought it wise to share with you what a financial planner actually does, because in my experience most people either have misconceptions or just don’t know. I like to think of financial planning as the process where the client and planner get together to initially discuss the clients’ current situation. The financial planner and client then explore what’s important to the client and what their future goals, aspirations and objectives are.

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