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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Deaths Worldwide per One Million Population, by Country

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World Health Organization (WHO)


Covid 19
Covid 19 Cases Worldwide
Confirmed Covid 19 Cases
Covid 19 deaths Worldwide
Coronavirus deaths
Confirmed Covid 19 deaths by country
COVID-19 Deaths per One Million Population

The Hutton Report and an EU Ruling Equals a Terrible Week for Pensions

Two big pieces of news this week may shape the future of pensions for public and private sector workers forever. Late last week we had the European Court of Justice banning risk assessment based on your gender, declaring that it is a breach of EU rules on equality. Then yesterday the long awaited Hutton report was released recommending that public sector workers should invest more, work longer and earn less for pensions.

Investment Options in Superannuation

It’s the dream of many to start a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) and fill it with exotic investments like artwork, classic cars and yachts. But there are rules around the types of investments a SMSF can acquire. Here, we look at what’s legal when investing for a SMSF.

Industry Superannuation Funds

When choosing a superannuation fund, a lot of people want to choose the one that charges them the lowest in management and investment fees and gives them the best investment return. Data from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) shows that over the past decade industry super funds have consistently outperformed retail funds by giving its members higher returns*: that’s more money for your retirement.

What’s the Difference Between an Income Drawdown and an Annuity?

An income drawdown is an alternative method of utilising your pension funds to the more traditional Annuity method. The product has also, in the past, been referred to as an ‘unsecured’ pension. Unlike a traditional annuity where you purchase a lifetime income from your pension fund, with an income drawdown scheme, you retain the capital in investment form, drawing income from the capital.

The Road To The Future Using Some Key Retirement Planning Tools

This article will show some great ways to take that hard earned money and put it aside into different types of accounts to provide a great chance at retirement planning. The first way to achieve retirement planning is to use a regular savings account by using this method it is one of the most secure ways to put money away, however the interest will not provide for much extra earnings towards retirement but the fact it is safe, is why many people choose this option.

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