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Coronavirus in the U.S. – Timelapse from zero to 12 Million Cases

This video shows a map timelapse of the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic in the United States of America, from its first case to 12 million cases on November. This video uses a map showing the spread in every county (circles in red). It also shows the Death Rate, number of deaths by State, number of confirmed cases by state and daily new cases.

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Music: Scott Buckley – Signal to Noise

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Five Good Reasons People With Money May Want a Reverse Mortgage

Why, would anyone with money, living a comfortable lifestyle, with their home paid (or mostly paid) for even consider taking out a Reverse Mortgage? Are they nuts, or just mostly crazy? Well, surprisingly enough there are thousands of financially sound individuals across America that have accessed the equity in their home using a reverse mortgage, for (you guessed it) financially sound reasons.

Retirement – Top 5 Tips for the Best Plan

Choosing the best retirement plan may seem difficult. This article will teach you the top 5 tips for finding the best retirement plan, after which it won’t seem like such a problem to choose the best plan for your future.

Subliminal Messages – How to Always Win Despite Fluctuating Money Market Interest Rates

Join the money market with full confidence with subliminal messages to back you up. Knowing that you’ve got subliminal messages are there to support you and guarantee your success, you never have to doubt your chances of making a profit through the stock market. These positive messages are powerful enough to make even the stock market bend to your will; you just have to know how to properly wield that weapon.

Start Your Money Plan At A Young Age With Subliminal Messages

A young age is not an excuse to be careless about money. A lot of people don’t think seriously about their money and wealth until later in life. But there are many benefits to starting a good money plan at a young age. This is a truly worthwhile practice that can help you reap progressively more benefits as you grow older. You don’t need to have millions at the bank before you turn 21, but it helps to have at least a modest amount of money saved up.

How to Be a Successful Investor

Successful investing requires 4 basic things. Investing at the right time is always paramount to success. Financial advice can be detrimental for the average investor.

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