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Coronavirus World Map Timelapse – How the virus spread (April update)

This Visualization shows how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread worldwide with a Map Timelalpse. Its also shown the number of worldwide confirmed cases and deaths, world death rate evolution, evolution of confirmed cases for each country and a bar chart race with evolution of number of deaths by country.

Source: WHO COVID-19 Situation Reports –

Music: Scott Buckley – Horizons

Promissory Note Investing – Principles And Tips

Because of the uncertainty of the stock market, many investors are looking for safer and more predictable ways to invest their money. Promissory Note investing, which is also know as Private Money Investing, and Hard Money Investing, offers an individual the opportunity to earn safer, more predictable, and higher returns on their money.

The Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension

The inevitable realities of aging require advance planning, and to gain true peace of mind you need to cover all of your bases and prepare for any eventuality. Senior citizens during the current era are faced with some unprecedented circumstances because people are living longer, and medical science can now do some amazing things. People over the age of 85 are the fastest growing portion of American society, so when you are planning your estate you have to take the implications of this ever-increasing longevity into consideration.

Planning for Retirement – Making a Modest Start

Retirement Planning can help us to get the extra benefits in old age. So planning and investing your money in retirement plans is very important for all kind of people.

Things to Consider in Early Retirement Planning

Retirement is something we need to consider while we still have the capability of working for it. It is something we need to invest into since this will be the one to carry us after we have given all the efforts we can during pre-retirement. Planning for early retirement will not be that easy, this will need a budgeting skill since that will not be the only thing that comes to everybody’s mind when money is on hand, the fact is, it barely comes into everyone else’s mind.

Gold As an Alternate Currency

Gold is an alternate currency! That’s it folks; when the value of paper currencies are worth less all the time, then gold becomes a more attractive option. And right now, currencies across the developed world are in fact becoming worth less and less…

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