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Coronavirus Worldwide Spread (COVID-19 from January 1 to April 25)

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was first identified in December 2019 in China and has since spread globally, resulting in the coronavirus pandemic. As of 25 April 2020, more than 2.7 million cases have been reported across 185 countries and territories. In this video, you will see the time-lapse worldwide spread of the virus, a dynamic globe map that emphasizes the daily confirmed cases update of each country in the world from January to April. There are countries more infected than others such as China, Italy, USA, Spain, France, Iran.
N.B: this data is gathered from the official countries statistics.
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Have You Ever Wondered How the US Monetary System Works? Here’s a Quick Course in It

Do you ever find the terms concerning money and the Federal Government confusing? Here is a brief explanation about how the US monetary system works and maybe even how it doesn’t work. It has been abused by fiscally irresponsible politicians for a long time, but particularly since the early 90’s.

Is Working With A Financial Advisor Worth It?

HSBC recently published an article titled “The Future of Retirement, The Power of Planning” which compares the circumstances of investors who work with a financial planner to those who invest on their own. The goal of the study was to determine if there is a benefit to working with an investment professional. The most glaring findings of the study was the importance of a financial plan. Those with advisor directed financial plans have nest-eggs that are over four times as large as those without plans. Further, consistently working with a financial planner seems to add significant value; Advice-seeking planners had nest-eggs that were 57% larger than self-guided planners.

The Top Benefits of a UK Pension Transfer

Pensions are often perceived as being complicated and hard work and as a result, are frequently neglected. This becomes increasingly apparent amongst those who have left the UK to live abroad as this money is often simply forgotten about until retirement draws closer. Even if you don’t know anything about pensions and are not currently residing in the UK, if you have a UK occupational or personal pension, a UK pension transfer into a UK SIPP or QROPS does not have to be difficult.

Taking Control of Your Retirement Pension

Preparing for your retirement can be challenging. With enough experience and the help of legal counsel, you can set up your own self managed super fund. Read on and find out how.

The Importance of Early Retirement Planning

The rising cost of living in nursing homes raises concern in elder care and stresses the importance of good retirement planning. Understanding retirement and estate planning will help secure your finances in the future and leave behind a good legacy for loved-ones. Read this article for more insight into this topic.

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