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Countries by Covid-19 Death Rate per 100,000 Population

Will Artificial Intelligence Cure the Humans of Their Mediocrity?

Not long ago, I started a new series of articles discussing the future of artificial intelligence. Specifically how humans would have to compete for jobs in this future against the machines, smart machines with sophisticated algorithms, AI, and perhaps, even the ability to program themselves. How can humans compete against artificially intelligent robots doing mundane tasks in the work environment?

Freedom Is Not License

Freedom is often acclaimed as one of the highest aspirations and most valued conditions of man. Ideals of freedom are woven into every culture and civilization, every country, state, society and individual. It is an essential ingredient of our human requirement and is a most powerful motivator of the personality.

How to Compete With a Computer in the Internet World of Less Than Pure Opinion

Today, the social networks are busy being data mined by political strategists, corporations, and marketing companies. They want to survey everyone in the world without their knowledge of this fact, and they want to gather all of their opinions, and use the information for their gain. Now then, if you have an opinion of your own, and a strong belief about something, that is to say if you stand for something in your life, it in the future you may not be able to compete with computers due to the Internet.

Same Sex Marriage An Oxymoron

While discussing the topic of proposition 8 and same sex marriage with a friend a few years ago, he explained marriage to me from a unique perspective that has stuck with me ever since. He said that marriage and it’s definition is a religious concept that has been adopted into civil law from centuries of tradition and culture, that is not only accepted in America but is shared by the majority of the people in the entire world.

To Know What One Knows, And Vice Versa

So much of what is claimed to be known is speculative belief, some beyond verifiability. Then, there is the real question of how we know what we claim to know, confounded by known unknowns and unknown unknowns.

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