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Countries with highest Life Expectancy (1800 – 2099)

This video shows a bar chart race with the top 19 countries in life expectancy at birth, from the year 1800 to 2099. It also shows a line chart with continent life expectancy, and a map time lapse.

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Data Soruce: Our World in Data, UN Projections.
Music: Scott Buckley – Midsommar

3 Retirement Savings Mistakes Baby Boomer Cannot Afford to Make

Baby Boomers there are several mistakes you cannot make if you want to retire successfully. Many know they have to save, but what shouldn’t you do? That is the real question.

5 Things You Should Do to Prepare a Retirement Plan

Prepare a retirement plan to ensure that you can live comfortably after you have finished working. You are likely to spend almost as much of your life in retirement as you spent working.

Tips For Creating a Retirement Plan

Creating a retirement plan is essential for long term security. You work all your life towards attaining a comfortable retirement is makes sense to plan it.

Retirement Income For Life

Does your Family have Income for Life? Are you ready for early retirement but your 401a Retirement plans and 401k Retirement plans aren’t? Unfortunately, Retirement Planning for most people is nothing more than idle Retirement Wishes! Today all that is going to change! Are YOU open to building Retirement Income for Life? Are you a HIGHLY MOTIVATED individual who is ready to WORK and have tons of FUN doing it? The government is not going to bail you out! Take Control of your Future now. It’s time for You to start Accumulating and Collecting Wealth, just like the Wealthy do!

Why I Became A Retirement Strategist

I became a Retirement Strategist because I came to realize that I didn’t have enough for a comfortable retirement that could last until age 90+, and nor did anyone else. About 25 years ago, my local newspaper carried an article of how a suburban real estate agent had 800 people at his funeral. And they ran his photo – a distinguished, silver-haired gentleman of 80+ years. I said, “Wow! – I’d like to end up like that,” and researched his story. It transpired that when he retired at age 65 and took his corporate superannuation, his wife told him to, “Get out of the house,” and find another job. So he went to the local real estate agency, and offered to work on commission only. He explained that as he had been a member of the local tennis club and the local church for 30 years, he thought that he had an established contact network as the basis for his new and rewarding, “Renaissance hobby”.

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