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Countries With Most Home Computers (2005-2021)

Dave Ramsey Has Long-Term Care Insurance Planning Wrong

I am a big fan of the various pundits who ladle out practical financial advice. And, having listened to many of them for well over 50 years, some of their advice is well-placed. But not all of it is accurate.

Retirement Money and Its Benefits

Apart from pension plan and insurance plan we have another option to secure our life. That is retirement money will help us to get the maximum benefits.

Retirement Plans For Self Employed People

Many people are of the opinion that self employed people get the short end of the stick when it comes to paying for Social Security, employment tax and health insurance. These are expenses they have to bear on their own whether they like it or not. However, the only silver lining is retirement plans for self employed people.

Certain Rules For Getting Social Security Widow Benefit

Social Security pays benefits to the surviving spouse in case the actual beneficiary passes away. This is an important part of Social Security. However, there are some rules for the Social Security widow benefit that you should be aware of.

When and How to Start Retirement Planning

Everyone recognizes the value of retirement planning. However, when should you start doing it?

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