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Countries With The Highest COVID-19 Deaths Number

How to Read a Person Like a Book, A Humorous Look at Social Science

There are 10 attributes to observe in reading a person. You may know of more but these 10 will suffice to tell you all you want and need. Each item can be scored producing a person-revealing value (PRV.) Then, massaging in a “finagle” factor, you can know that the person you have read is honest and sincere or mean-spirited and evil. Never forget that the person you are reading is probably reading you!

A Look into Sociology

A quick look at six of the most important factors when dealing with sociology. For those that might want to understand this science a little better.

About Historical and Contemporary Limbu Women of Nepal

Contemporary Limbu women are highly appreciated for their incredible achievements in a short period. Young Limbu women today, whose mothers and grandmothers may be illiterate or barely literate, may go on to college or obtain specialized training for skilled employment.

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