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Countries with the highest deforestation

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Deforestation Rate
Deforestation Area
Highest Deforestation Rate

What Is A Great Personal Finance Plan For Investing For Retirement?

For some retirement may seem like it is a long way off. For others retirement may be rapidly approaching. No matter how close it is, now is the time to start investing. With the stock market on the rise again, it may be years before you will have an opportunity like you can have now. So how do you get started?

Investing For Retirement – Tools to Help You Reach Your Goal

Retirement investing is one of the primary goals of many Americans. If it isn’t one of yours, it should be. The younger you are, the less likely that Social Security will be available when you retire or the age to draw it will be set very high and most people won’t reach it.

Inflation Hits Retirees Hardest: How Can We Prevent It?

It is pretty sad when you turn 65 and you have to continue to work a day job to make ends meet. We all would like to retire and enjoy our time off without worrying about having enough money to survive on. Inflation has hit retirees the hardest.

Snow Plowing In The Rear View Mirror

Frank is tired. He’s tired of working. He’s tired of the responsibility of plowing critical parking lots in the winter. He’s tired of getting up every hour or so on nights when it’s snowing. He likes to work and keep busy but he’s ready for a new chapter in his life. He does not want to plow snow any longer.

What You Need To Know About Tax Free Bonds

Tax-free bonds, when compared with corporate investments, have turned out to be less risky investments than several others because there is no need to pay a number of state or federal taxes. Also known as municipal bonds, these bonds are very lucrative opportunities for monetary gain for the investor who is eager to invest in projects that come with no taxes whatsoever. But there is a lot more to these tax free investments than what meets the eye, which is why it is important to take an analytical perspective with regard to tax free bonds. Here is an informative guide on tax-free bonds and what they are generally about.

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