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Countries With The Highest Number of Cows (Cattles + Buffaloes) From 1960 to 2020

The Empty House – People Living From the Dumping Ground – Whose Fault Is It?

We will all agree that an empty house must look like this: the inside dirty, with spider webs across the walls of the house. The floors of it being filled with the excrete of wall geckos and rats. Cockroaches running haphazardly across the floors of the rooms, but all these will change once the owner returns.

William the Conqueror – The Wrestle Over Pardons

We’re told that the Conqueror admitted to, and repented of, sins such as those committed against the people of Yorkshire. We could debate for hours on whether the Yorkshire action was indeed a sin in the true sense, or whether it was a necessity of war by the conquering nation.

Origins of the Words Shaman and Shamanism

This article provides a clue as to the origin of the words shaman and shamanism. Shaman and shamanism is not original with Native Americans.

Who Were Betty and Barney Hill?

The chilling story of Betty and Barney Hill, America’s first abduction phenomenon victims. If you are at all interested in cases of Alien Abduction, I invite you to examine this important first case.

Bell Clan Scotsters – Scottish Clans

At the topmost window of tower with stone was sparkling in a single candle. The distant edges were glowing from faint red by figuring out the horsemen bank in opposition to sky. They make too much of noise with an intention to murder or thunder.

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