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COVID-19 Deaths Worldwide, by Country & Daily New Confirmed Cases

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Daily New Cases
Number of deaths
Coronavirus deaths
COVID-19 Deaths Worldwide, by country

Investing for Retirement Income – Part 1

A sense of security comes from seeing a regular monthly income from your investment portfolio. Especially when one is retired or is dependent on investment income to meet everyday expenses.

Investing IN Retirement, Not Just FOR Retirement

There’s more to retirement than saving money and investing it wisely. These things are important, of course. And yet, if you have no idea what you want your retirement to look like, what you want to be doing during your retirement years, and who you want to be doing it with, the money you set aside will be meaningless and will bring you very little joy or satisfaction! It’s important to think about these things before the retirement period of your life. It’s important to invest a sizable amount of time, energy, and focus on what will bring meaning and purpose to your life now, and when these ideas are more firmly planted in your mind, it’s important to begin implementing the types of skills, passions, and behaviors which will continue to create a good life after you retire.

Promissory Note Investing – Buying A Note

There is no such thing as “Smart Money”–only smart people–the money goes where they go. A promissory note investor has two options–buy an existing note or originate a new note. Let’s look at the advantages of buying an existing promissory note.

Gear Yourself Up for Creating a Decent Retirement

You’ve moved past 55 years old and fast approaching retirement age. But you’re way behind on savings because of hard times, neglect, or financial catastrophe. What do you do now to salvage some financial security for your later years? Create a philosophy of success!

What Are Public Sector Pension Schemes Really Worth These Days?

The ‘Job for Life Fairy’ who has so appealing fluttered around Public Sector organisations in recent years seems to have flown. It seems she might have made off with the family silver as well. Changes are now looking likely to the public sector pension schemes that could affect those workers who manage to circumnavigate the already legendary cuts that local government and other public bodies are facing. Life for those who remain is going to be no fairy-tale.

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