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COVID-19 Vaccination Race: Daily doses per 100 people (TIMELAPSE)

This video shows the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccination situation evolution in the world, showing top countries comparing the daily vaccination status.

In the bar chart race is shown daily COVID-19 Vaccine doses administered per 100 people. (rolling 7-day average per 100 people in the total population)

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Data Source: Our World in Data, WHO situation reports
Music: Scott Buckley – Inflection/Helios

Dream About Your Retirement Again

It is time to dream about your retirement again. This past decade has slammed many Baby Boomers retirement dreams and goals. You may have thought about buying that home in Florida or Arizona. To travel the country or the world. Have you given up on your dreams? Why?

How To Get Specialization In Retirement Planning Education

More the pacing time is changing the generation technology and routine it is most of the influence is coming on the financial, sector that concerns your all wealth planning and asset management. Many times for financial service industry it becomes essential to procure finest value added wholesaling services that effects the business access and the financial issues that are very delicate and need keen observation.

Retirement In The New Millennium

The current economy has taken a toll on people across the country; with unemployment hovering just under 10% (and over that in many states), Americans are seeing savings eaten up, 401Ks dwindling, and hopes for a secure retirement fading steadily away. The continued erosion of economic confidence no doubt leaves many wondering if they will indeed have anything left with which to enjoy their sunset years.

Pension Transfer Advice: Simple Guides on How to Find a Better Pension

Since advice is essential for one to push through an effective pension transfer, then this article will provide simple guides that may help. This article also summarizes some necessary facts that are proven to be helpful.

3 Tips for Pension Transfers

This article will give 3 tips for pension transfers. These tips are the most useful ones in considering such transaction.

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