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Covid-19 Vaccination Race: Top Countries by Number of People Vaccinated

This video shows the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) Vaccination situation in the world, showing in a bar chart race the top countries. It also shows a ranking with the share of population vaccinated for every country.
Note: This video shows people vaccinated with 1 dose or 2.

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Data Source: Our World in Data
Music: Scott Buckley – Chasing day light.

Is Building A Downline Really Going To Save Baby Boomers From Poverty?

For a lot of baby boomers the year 2011 will usher in a demographic shift. Baby boomers will be turning 65 at a rate of more than 7,000- 10,000 a day for the next 19 years. They took a running dive into adolescence and went on to redefine work and family, but getting old is making them nervous for some very good reasons.

Retirement Income Strategies

The most important question a new retiree has to answer is: How do I make sure my money lasts? This is called longevity risk. No one’s knows for sure how long we are going to live in retirement.

At What Age Should You Start Investing?

Whatever age you are start investing and do not depend on social security, company retirement plans, or even inheritances that may or may not come through! Your future is up to you.

How To Prepare For A State Default

So you’re a current or retired state employee. Or perhaps you have a state contract, or you own your state’s municipal bonds for the tax-free income. Though your payments have come on time thus far, you’re worried that the state may default. What should you do?

Social Security – Why You Need to Start Saving For Retirement NOW

Ageing baby boomers and fewer workers to support the ageing population through taxes means we must all start saving for retirement now! Social Security cannot stand the strain on its coffers.

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