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Cumulative Cases of COVID-19 by Country

Are The Japanese a Cruel Race?

I have been intrigued a lot about the Japanese Character. I had a Japanese girl friend when I was doing a course in French. She was a nice girl and we drank endless cups of tea as we both learnt French.

Darwin – Origin of Species

Charles Darwin’s book, The Origin of Species was published in 1859, and it ranks as one of the few books in history to have such a long lasting influence on the whole world. From the beginning the book and its theories were controversial.

The Brief Story of Ogeleosima AKA Osima City in Amaibo Ogudasaa Isuikwuato

The Brief Story of Ogeleosima This is a little village called Ogeleosima in Amaibo, Oguduasaa in Isuikwuato, Abia State. The community existed since the 16th century when a Warrior called OSIMA left his kindred in Amano and settled within the Ogele by Amautazi. But it happened that the son of Utazi impregnated the daughter of Osima who later died during child labour.

Curb Your Enthusiasm for Headlines and Breaking News

The next time you see a headline proclaiming a medical breakthrough, think of this ancient Latin expression: Cum grano salis. It means with a grain of salt. That expression started because salt used to be very valuable. And, it was in high demand as a food preservative, as a poison antidote and a taste enhancer. Salt was relatively scarce at one time. It also was thought to have healing qualities. Now that’s a laugh, since in modern times it kills those who overuse it for long periods by raising their blood pressure. But, to urge taking one thing or another with a grain of salt still means to look upon an object or proposition with a healthy dose of skepticism, suspicion and caution.

Get Rich Quick Syndrome = Criminality

Today, I decided to write on this topic because it has eaten so deep into the moral fabrication of Nigerians especially the youths of our country —- the craze for quick cash. The Nigeria of today is a variety of youths of different kinds with diverse educational, religious, moral and status background with so much energy and intelligence in the quest for riches that one cannot but be awed.

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