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Cutting the world’s longest fingernails #Shorts

What Spiritual Lessons Can We Learn From Australian Aborigine Culture?

It has been suggested that the Australian Aborigine is primitive and uneducated; an animist who uses ritual to win the favour of the spirits controlling food, shelter, and fertility and to ward off malevolent forces. Despite what sounds to the western mind as believing in superstition, these semi-nomads have shown enormous intelligence by hunting and foraging for food, and thus surviving, in extreme conditions of the arid bush-land and desert wastes for over 30,000 years. Full-blooded Aborigines in their natural state live in and are influenced by both the physical world and also by what they think of as a spirit world (dreamtime). Their spiritual values have been reflected in a rich oral tradition of legend and ritual going back to ancient times, unaffected by the major world religions. And so the question arises whether there is anything of value in their way of life which can benefit us all today?

Who Took My Bus Stop?

Being an online article writer, I like to sit at Starbucks and do a little writing, but I also like to mix it up a little and go to different Starbucks on different days. Not long ago, I went to a Starbucks which had a bus stop across the parking lot. I was talking to a gal who generally used public transportation, although she admitted riding her bicycle to places which were less than 1 mile away, or walking to the grocery store.

Elderly Workers in Society

Elderly workers make a positive contribution in all societies. In some societies, elderly workers are still in the job market post their retirement age. What are government policies regarding these workers?

The Many Benefits Of Culture Study For All

Do you ever wonder why you act differently from those living in the other parts of the world? If this is something that you want to learn in details, then, culture study could be the best option for you. By studying the societies across the globe, you will see the implications of the difference in location and the evolution of various behaviors.

Can Society In Ultra-West Nations Survive A Breakdown Of The Family Unit?

There is clear evidence in two member-nations of the Ultra-West, those nations created over the seas in relatively recent centuries by migrants from Europe, of family breakdown, leading to a rise in social alienation. Without the stability of even the nuclear family, can such societies (based on individualism) survive?

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