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Daily Confirmed Covid-19 Deaths by Country

Gap Between Rich and Poor – How Do We Modify Society and Close that Gap?

We seem to have an on-going debate in this nation about the gap between the rich and poor. Unfortunately, it has been used by politicians to create a class warfare situation in order to get more votes and political capital. In reviewing this situation over the years, it’s gotten worse.

Groups and Individuals

What is the big deal about groups? What are the characteristics of groups? Entiativity is how coherent a group appears. Groups are characterized by roles, status, norms and cohesiveness. Roles can make people behave differently than they normally would. For instance, a woman manager behaves differently, probably in a more masculine manner, at work, than she would behave at home, in a family like group. Physical features (such as beauty and height) and behaviors help people gain status in a group. An example of this statement is the film or Hollywood industry, where beautiful actors and actresses may get a shot, even if they are not talented at acting. Another example of this statement is the corporate world.

Congestion In Big Cities – A Worldwide Problem

There are many cities in the world which provide housing, finances, education, opportunity and above all employment for all its citizens. These things are absent in villages and hence many migrations take place from villages to cities every year. So much so that these problems lead to over congestion, pressure on land, pressure on resources, a divide between economic groups and above all filth, dirt, spreading of slums and the ever-threatening menace pollution.

I Don’t Want to Live a Life Which Revolves Around Me – He Said

Yesterday, an individual came to me and said that they didn’t believe that material wealth, greed, or ego was the right way to live one’s life. Specifically, they told me that they didn’t want to lead a life which just revolves around them. They wanted to make a difference in the world for everyone, for all of society, and they wanted to help the less fortunate.

Socialism Only Viable in Small Societies and Villages With Homogeneous Populations

Not all, but a good number of Democrats in the US are really socialists, especially in their thinking. Although most deny it because “socialism” has been a bad word ever since Hitler and Mussolini rose to power and caused WWII – still, these Democrats are practicing socialism and their political leaders have put forth a number of policies and passed many laws which shed some light on their true intentions. Can socialism work in the United States?

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