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Retirement Planning: 3 Non-Financial Moves for Peace of Mind

Not every preparation for retirement requires buying a financial product. You can increase your peace of mind by completing 3 sets of paperwork. To find out how you and your heirs can feel better about the future, read on.

Outliving Your Retirement Funds

Retirees are apt to outlive their retirement funds if scientists have their way. We now have thousands of people living in this country who are over 100 years old, and that number is growing faster than the money in the various portfolios of healthy seniors.

Cooking Up a Fantastic Retirement

Are you a chef? If you are also an investor or just want to manage a retirement account you have a lot in common with chefs, bakers, photographers and anyone working on a project. Investing is just like making peanut butter cookies.

Russian Investors Buying Chicago Cash Flow Properties

International sanctions combined with a lower global demand for crude oil and natural gas have had an adverse effect on the Russian economy that has forced the ruble to record lows. Some have speculated that policies have been created to keep the ruble artificially weak, as a way to stimulate economic growth. As the weakened currency continues to decline, Russian investors have looked to invest in real estate, as a way to create growth and stability to their hard-earned money.

Incorrect Pension Calculation Can Prove to Be Costly

Planning your post retirement life ahead of time is one task where one should feel free to invest as much as time into it as they feel comfortable. Be sure about your plan and then double check to be extra sure. That’s how important it is to ensure that when you retire and start your post retirement life, you don’t have to make any severe changes or cut down on things you like doing.

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